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Started It as Our Club;
But Then It Became
Their Club

From a small Aviation Club founded by some Aviators in 2020 to a thriving membership of Professionals Aviators today, the GAC has evolved into the leading lifestyle club for Aviation Enthusiasts, Aviation Business Owners, Pilots, AMEs, Aeronautical Engineers, Cabin Crews, and their families.

We take great care in providing exceptional services and benefits for our members.

Exclusive Aviation Club, Elevating Journeys with Unparalleled Privileges, Enabling Limitless Soaring in Elite Airspaces.

On behalf of our members, GAC also negotiates market – leading insurance options covering health, life, and domestic helpers. In addition, GAC organizes social events such as the, Regular RC Experience Day, Live Joy Rides of Aircrafts, Quarterly Family Fun Day, Social Evenings, Brunches, Golf Days, and Parties for our Members.

GAC Members are issued welcome kit & membership cards which enable them to avail the services and offers provided GAC or its Partner organizations. In order to keep updated with all the latest offers, promotions and club news, members are given individual log – In access to the GAC website and mobile application upon joining.

Our Memberships are
categorized as follows:




Diamond Member / Pilot Member


Ruby Member / Engineer Member


Emerald Member / Crew Member


Gold Member / Enthusiast Member


Silver Member / Student Member


Bronze Member / Learner Member
Q: Can non-members access any amenities or services?

A: Some amenities or services might be available for non-members; specifics can be obtained by contacting GAC.

Q: Is there a pet policy at GAC?

A: Pets might be allowed, but specific rules apply. Please contact GAC for pet-friendly details.

Q: How can I book accommodations at GAC?

A: Accommodations can be booked through the GAC website or by contacting their reservation desk.

Q: What dining options are available for non-members?

A: Limited dining options might be accessible for non-members at certain facilities. Details can be found on the website.

Q: What safety measures are in place at GAC?

A: GAC maintains strict safety protocols; detailed information is available on-site.

Q: Does GAC offer day passes?

A: Day passes might be available, but their availability varies. Contact GAC for specifics regarding locations.

Q: What payment methods does GAC accept?

A: GAC typically accepts credit/debit cards and cash. Additional options may also be available.

Q: How can I access the GAC e-magazine?

A: The GAC e-magazine is accessible through the member’s portal on the website.

Q: What are the different membership tiers offered by GAC?

A: GAC offers four distinctive membership tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each tier has unique benefits tailored to different preferences and needs.

Q: How can I apply for membership?

A: Applying for membership is easy. Simply fill out the membership form available on the GAC website, and our dedicated team will promptly process your request.

Q: Is it possible to change my membership tier?

A: Upgrades or downgrades might be available; contact support for further details.

Q: Can I transfer or gift my membership?

A: Membership transfers or gifts might be allowed with certain restrictions; please inquire with GAC.

Q: Can I suspend my membership?

A: Some membership tiers might offer freeze options, subject to specific conditions.

Q: How much are the membership fees?

A: Membership fees vary per tier and have associated charges; refer to the membership page for details.

Q: What happens if I exceed my flight limits?

A: Exceeding flight limits may result in additional charges or utilization from the next year’s allocation.

Q: Are there any discounts on training for members?

A: Training discounts are available for members; check the membership benefits for specifics.

Q: Are there exclusive events for members?

A: Members often have access to exclusive events; refer to the calendar on the member’s portal.

Q: Do memberships provide concessions or tie-ups?

A: Members enjoy concessions and tie-ups at affiliated resorts; explore the benefits page for

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