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The Global Aviation Club (GAC) is the philanthropic arm for the upliftment of the General Aviation community and bringing together the people from around the globe who share a mutual interest and passion for the Aviation industry.

GAC (Global Aviation Club) contributions fund programs that membership dues don’t cover, including the GAC Air Safety Institute and All Can Fly
program. Our goal is to fund opportunities of growth for every GAC member and the entire general aviation community.

Exclusive Aviation Club, Elevating Journeys with Unparalleled Privileges, Enabling Limitless Soaring in Elite Airspaces.

Eventually from 2020, the GAC (Global Aviation Club) has been the leading educational & lifestyle club for all Aviators incl. the Aircraft Owners / Operators, the Pilots, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, the Air Traffic Controllers, the Aeronautical Engineers, the Cabin Crew & all other Aviation Enthusiasts. Established by the highly professional and visionary Aviators, the GAC enhances the lifestyle of our members by offering a wide range of benefits associated to the Aviation industry, as well as by organizing social, sporting and leisure opportunities for our members.

GAC membership is open to all Aviators & Aviation Enthusiasts who share the mutual respect and devotion for the Aviation industry in all the categories justifying as The Aviators. The GAC is operated by a Board of Members, led by consisting of the President, Vice – President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Board meetings are conducted on every fortnightly basis to plan / resolve / manage the ideas / concerns / issues / affairs of the Club and its dignified Members.

GAC core idea is to create a self – sustainable eco – system, where all the Aviators can contribute their ideas, experiences & expertise for the enhancement of Aviation industry globally and all the Aviation Enthusiast should be provided with an equal opportunity for engaging in the Aviation industry as per their desires.

The GAC unites skilled aviators, visionaries, and leaders in redefining elite aviation.

Our Objectives

GAC stands firm on core principles—integrity, innovation, and service excellence—ensuring a commitment to unparalleled service, constant innovation, and the highest ethical standards.


Global Advocacy for Aviation Standards

Improvising the Aviation standards globally, by regular discussion and advocacy for the concerned Civil Aviation Authorities existing.


Aviation Safety & Quality

Improving the Aviation Safety & Quality standards for all the Aviation Professionals & Enthusiasts.


Unifying Aviation Education & Policies

Bringing together the like minded people and those who are interested in Aviation educations / policies.


Financial Aid
or Aviation

Possibly providing financial aid to all the students willing to opt Aviation as their career. GAC funds to students in following categories: Commercial Pilot Training, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ICAO II, Aeronautical Engineering & Cabin Crew.


Advancing Drone Technology & RC Aircrafts

To promote and enroll into R & D of the Drone technology and other Remote – Controlled Aircrafts


Promoting General Aviation Advancements

To promote the General Aviation Community by all possible means for its advancement.


Events & Awareness for Aviation Careers

Conducting events & live shows along with the various Aircrafts for developing awareness among the community for opting Aviation as their career.


Engaging with Aviation Manufacturers

Engaging directly with the Aviation Manufacturers for acquiring their inputs & views on growth of Aviation Industry and to identify the challenges / issues faced by them.


Gaps in Aviation Industry

Regularly keep identifying the vacuum existing in the Aviation Industry and keep generating the ideas for new Aviation projects to be required in the near future.


Guiding Enthusiasts & Investors

Proper guiding the Aviation Enthusiasts and Investors for enrolling in the Aviation industry as their prestigious business and additional entitle in their esteemed profile.


Luxury Aviation Services Excellence

Providing best in class luxury Aviation Services for its discerning clientele by charter, sale & purchase of Business Jets, Heavy & Light Aeroplanes / Helicopters, and all other Aerial instruments.

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